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Link Building Strategies & Online PR Campaigns

For most web sites, their ‘weakest link’ is exactly that… links! A properly executed link building strategy, coupled with an effective online PR campaign can pay immediate dividends: increased site traffic, elevated search engine rankings, better leads and improved conversion rates, and a reduction in Pay Per Click marketing expenses. At Eckinger Marketing, we will evaluate your current online marketing strengths and weaknesses and develop an economical and manageable online linking and PR campaign.

Responsible & Effective SEO Linking Strategies

Effective, traffic-generating links can be created in a number of ways; here are a few suggestions that can quickly get you up and running and help push traffic toward your site:

  • Write articles & white papers
  • Incorporate social media (Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook) and social bookmarking platforms (Digg, Reddit & StumbleUpon).
  • Guest author a post or article on an industry or trade blog
  • Ask for links from trade groups, vendors, and manufacturers that you work with

Link Building – The Dos & Don’ts

Of course, the key here is not generating just a flurry of links, but responsibly creating effective links. There are some basic rules and guidelines that we adhere to at Eckinger Marketing, and we encourage our clients to do so as well. First, we avoid reciprocal links, as they have little to no value. Next, we refuse link placements on link farms and other suspicious link schemers. Nor, do we condone other ‘black hat’ methods that will eventually penalize your site in organic search listings. Our ethical and professional approach requires a long term perspective, but is tried and true. The techniques we use will keep your site out of trouble, and result in much improved search engine rankings over time.

For additional information on creating a successful online PR Campaign visit our great article Online PR & Link Building Tips.