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Custom Programming

Custom Web Programming

Want to create a web application to streamline a laborious company task? Create a Sales Management tool for your company’s team of sales professionals? Or have a social networking idea that you want to develop and market to the world?

At Eckinger Marketing we’ve assembled a team of smart, programming professionals that love a challenge! Our developers are well versed in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, AJAX and FLASH along with popular API’s from Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), various payment gateways and social networking sites. We are also versed in coding frameworks that can dramatically cut development time and your financial investment. Frameworks include Ruby on Rails, Code Ignitor and Cake.

Our programming knowledge and experience also allows us to easily install and customize many existing web solutions including WordPress, Magento and Expression Engine. In fact, we love customizing these platforms to give them expanded capabilities and functionality.

We especially take pride in our ability to create a very friendly user interface. Our designers and programmers have created a wide variety of sites including ecommerce, web applications and even social networking sites. We take extra care to design a compelling, intuitive interface that offers ease of use while limiting mouse clicks. Of course, our expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guarantees you that you’ll have a site that will be easily indexed by search engines.

At Eckinger Marketing we have a complete arsenal of tools that we use to plan, manage and build our projects. These tools also give our project development an entire new level of transparency for our clients. Our clients have the ability to review concepts online, suggest changes and be included in all development phases of the site.
Chances are whatever you’re dreaming of Eckinger Marketing has developed a similar web application or online tool! We have the knowledgebase, experience and project management expertise to complete your custom project on time and on budget.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding! So, to prove our skills we’ve included a small sample of custom web applications and administration tools that we’ve developed that have helped companies streamline, enhance and grow their operations.