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Blog Development

Blog Development

Does your organization have a blog? If not, chances are you’re missing out on a great way to communicate with existing customers, and find new ones. Better yet, a blog can get the word out about your products and services as effectively as traditional public relations and advertising methods for a fraction of the cost.

What The Heck Is A Blog?

The term ‘blog’ is short for weblog, which is a type of informational website. Blogs originally began as a simple means of individual expression on the Internet. These expressions or ‘posts’ were often seen as brief and random thoughts, observations and/or commentary about everyday life. Some were funny, others a bit sad, while others were a tad sarcastic… but all were deeply personal. These streams of consciousness began to attract fans, loyal followers, and even critics – weblogs soon matured into a new tool in the multimedia arsenal.

Not long after this, savvy marketers realized that companies and organizations could use the blog format as a powerful branding and communications tool. Blog development accelerated in new directions that encompassed advertising, marketing, and corporate representation.

The Further Evolution of Weblogs – Corporate Blogs

Corporate blogs can encompass a whole range of communications functions: they can speak to employees, customers, prospects, and even the media. The primary goal of a blog is to allow for a relaxed, non-formal two way discussion. This is accomplished by allowing readers to join in on the conversation by way of sharing comments, feedback, and testimonials.

A blog gives your organization a personal touch that is often missed in more traditional/formal communications. It’s also an economical way to keep everyone informed and ‘in the loop,’ and offers the most efficient means of staying engaged with customers. And last but not least, a blog can be instrumental in your company’s SEO strategy (click here to learn more about SEO).

Today, a blog can be as complex or as simple as your business needs it to be. They can contain audio, images, video and other embeddable items such as documents, polls, and maps. And because of how popular the blog format has become, you never need to worry about customers feeling comfortable navigating your site… blogs are second nature to most everyone!

Most businesses have no idea of the astounding results that a blog can bring in traffic generation, industry profile, customer interaction, and sales lead conversion. Every business is looking for a way to out maneuver the competition, and a business blog offers a cost efficient and effective means to get the jump on the other guy. That means there’s only one question remaining – what are you waiting for?

Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Business Blog

  • Efficiently and effectively post news about products, sales, and special events – no more paying through the nose for advertising, and then waiting helplessly to see if anyone got your message.
  • Engage customers in a non-formal, relaxed way – build a personal relationship that stands the test of time.
  • Manage the high costs of advertising, promotions, and follow-through – bring all these functions under one roof for a fraction of the normal cost.
  • Create a brand identity that is more human and less corporate.
  • Allow customers to have a voice, through sharing testimonials, ideas for product uses, and wish lists – customers who feel like they are a part of an ongoing process that is responsive to their concerns are customers who will be with you for life.

We’d love to show you the powerful possibilities a blog can have on your business! If you still have any questions about how Eckinger Marketing blog development strategies can help you get a leg up on the competition, please contact us via our online form, or by telephone at 330-456-5568. We look forward to hearing from you!