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Email Marketing

Eckinger Marketing’s Email Marketing – Tested Techniques, Big Profits

Does your business have email? Of course it does, and that means you have access to the most powerful advertising platform on the internet – direct email marketing. Chances are you already have an extensive database of email contact information for clients, suppliers, colleagues and associates. It’s time to put this goldmine to use!

Let Eckinger Marketing help you unleash the power of your contacts file with our bulk email marketing and eNewsletter services. We can help businesses of all sizes leverage the abundant client information already at their fingertips to generate repeat business and new sales.

Inbox Ad Agency – The Ultimate Bulk Email Marketing Toolkit

The Eckinger Marketing Inbox Ad Agency is an exciting new tool that our team has created, which allows businesses large and small to harness the power of direct email marketing to get in touch with clients and prospective customers. The Inbox Ad Agency can accomplish all of your advertising needs, and is perfect for:

  • eNewsletters: Stay in touch with clients with a regular newsletter, featuring what’s new, current projects, FAQs, helpful links, etc. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with customers is the key to generating repeat business.
  • eCoupons & Promotions: Get the word out with discounts and special offers.
  • Products & Services Announcements: Keep customers current on everything you have to offer.
  • Customer Service: Following up with clients about completed orders is a sure way to generate additional sales.
  • The possibilities (and potential profits) are endless!

Email Marketing Services Made Easy!

The best part of Eckinger’s email marketing service is that you don’t have to be a computer whiz or an advertising maven to use our program – our team of experts does all the hard work for you! We’ll create the design, compose your eNewsletter copy, and help you track and manage the results. Large database of customers? Perfect! Small database? We’ll help you find ways to make it bigger. And no matter the size, we have bulk email marketing plans that can get you started for pocket change, just a few cents per customer!

The Benefits Of Eckinger’s Email Marketing

These are just some of the exciting features and benefits of our bulk email marketing plans:

  • Instantaneous marketing! No more waiting and wondering, the word gets out to thousands of customers at the speed of light.
  • Cost effective vs. snail mail campaigns – no paper, no printing, no postage.
  • Professionally-written eNewsletters, sent on a consistent basis, that elevate your brand and motivate customers to click and buy!
  • Extensive tracking, analysis, & reporting: Learn how your email campaign is performing with tracking of opens, bounces, clicks and heat maps.
  • Contact list servicing – We remove old/duplicate entries and update new contact info. We also advise you on building a ‘smart’ customer database, loaded with vital information like trigger points and buying habits.
  • A/B Split-testing capability: We can send out two separate emails within your distribution list, track the results, and see which message generates the best results.
  • 100% compliant with CAN-SPAM regulations. CAN-SPAM is regulated by the FTC – learn more here: http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2008/05/canspam.shtm
  • Environmentally friendly! Make Mother Earth happy – no more wasted flyers, no more dead trees!

And of course all of the Eckinger Marketing web development tools are fully compatible – our email marketing plans can be combined with our outstanding Content Management System and E-commerce Engine, creating an integrated platform that will power your business with the highest degree of efficiency and profitability. For additional information about Eckinger Marketing’s Email Marketing, Web Design or Development solutions call us at 1-330-456-5568 or drop us a line via our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!