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Online PR & Link Building Tips

Creating Inbound Links From Articles & White Papers

Probably our favorite and most potent link creation/PR strategy is the development of articles and white papers. Professionally written articles and white papers are invaluable marketing tools. However, a majority of companies today do not take advantage of these powerful PR avenues. Some are ignorant while others shy away because of a perceived substantial investment of time and money. But if done correctly they are well worth it, and you can rely on Eckinger Marketing to get the job done quickly, effectively, and at a price that makes sense.

Here are just a few of the benefits that articles and white papers provide to your web site.

  • Increase Inbound Links: Inbound links can rapidly multiply as online trade journals, publications, blogs and forums link directly to the valuable content you provide in the form of articles and white papers. Highly relevant links can greatly enhance your position in search engine rankings (click here to learn more about SEO and the importance of search engine rankings).
  • Increase Site Traffic: As the number of inbound links to your site proliferates, you’ll see a dramatic increase in organic (non-paid) web traffic. Not only will you see more prospects, but organic traffic costs virtually nothing to obtain, and in many cases has a higher conversion rate than paid traffic.
  • Establish Your Company as an Industry Leader: When your article or white paper is referenced in blogs, trade journals or online columns, your company and its associates are positioned as leaders and authorities in your industry. Recognized leadership confers obvious benefits in traffic, lead generation, and conversion.
  • Build Your Contact Database: Want to rapidly build your database of prospects? Simply require that an email be provided in order to read/download a white paper. This exchange of information is an accepted practice in the industry and is highly encouraged. It also provides you with a number of leads for follow-up and nurturing through the sales process via email marketing. (Learn more about Eckinger Marketing’s Email Marketing solutions).
  • Economical Link Building & Online PR Campaigns

    Undertaking SEO link building or an online PR campaign requires a commitment of time and strategic thinking, and the skills and experience to navigate the online marketplace. Let Eckinger Marketing turn your site’s weakest link into one of its strongest. Contact us today at 1-330-456-5568 or drop us a line via our online contact form.