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eCommerce Development & SEO

Run your shop like a true professional with Eckinger Marketing’s eCommerce Engine!

Eckinger Marketing has energized the eCommerce marketplace for businesses of all sizes with our revolutionary eCommerce Engine. This potent eCommerce development tool allows you to take control of all facets of the online retailing process, from website design and promotions, to purchasing and shipping, all the way through to inventory management and customer follow-up.

eCommerce Engine: More Than Just A Shopping Cart

To survive in today’s highly competitive online sales environment, you need to fully integrate all aspects of your business – you’re going to need a lot more than just a product listing and an online shopping cart!

These are just a few of the standard features offered by the Eckinger Marketing eCommerce Engine that allow you total control of your eCommerce development:

  • Fully optimized for search engines.
  • Simple, intuitive one-page checkout process that is 100% secure and PCI compliant.
  • Scalable for small, medium or large businesses – manage and sell a small inventory or thousands of products.
  • Take control of advertising and promotions through coupon and special offers creation – the result: skyrocketing conversion rates and return-on-investment!
  • Lock-in sales with ‘Virtual Gift Certificates.’
  • All orders quickly and easily processed online, and automatically compatible with all major shipping options (UPS/FedEx/USPS).
  • Fully integrated with Quickbooks, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and a host of other API’s. This allows you to easily manage all processes of your online eCommerce store.
  • Ability to administer multiple stores from one central dashboard!
  • Unique E-commerce Development Solutions For Individual Businesses

    Our eCommerce Engine offers eCommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes. The Eckinger Marketing web development team has developed two versions to address the needs of both small and large-scale eCommerce operations. Our Light eCommerce Engine is the perfect match for companies that want to sell and manage less than 100 SKUs. While our Enterprise eCommerce Engine can handle literally thousands of SKUs and tens of thousands of customers.

    We work with each client to develop a rock solid strategy that will address their operational needs, maximize sales targets and reach online marketing goals to jumpstart their online business. This is a unique, comprehensive approach that ensures results.

    Visit our Client Portfolio and Testimonials sections to hear what other online merchants have to say about Eckinger Marketing’s eCommerce Engine, and how it has accelerated their online sales!

    To learn how Eckinger Marketing’s eCommerce Engine can revolutionize your online business, simply fill out our online contact form or call us at 330-456-5568.